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Who is Utku Okay?

Utku Okay, who was born in Istanbul in 1978, completed his university education in Anadolu University Tourism and Hotel Management Department after primary and high school education. He completed his master’s degree in Marketing at Çukurova University.

In his active working life, which he started in 1996, he gained experience by working in various hotels, and has gained an important place in the hotel industry in line with these experiences and trainings he received. Some of the hotels he has been working since 1996 are; Iber Hotel, Hotel Bella Mare, Hotel Aqua, Hotel Art Pedesa, Mavi Sürmeli, Hillside Beach Club and Hilton Hotels.

Okay Supports Hospitality Services Training and Consultancy

The hotel that holds an important place in his career is Hilton. During his 12 years of work, he has gained experience
and knowledge in Hilton Hotels in various provinces and as a result of these experiences he established Okay Supports Hospitality Training and Consultancy Company.
Within the scope of Okay Supports, it provides trainings on various hotel management processes, from the guest relations of the hotels to the internal structure and personnel management. With these trainings, it is aimed to increase the service quality and working standards in the hotel industry and to contribute to the tourism sector by improving guest relations. As in every business field, quality service in the tourism and hospitality sector is formed as a result of a good education and experience.

Okay Supports undertakes training service in this field.

Benefit from 24 years of experience and knowledge!

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