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About Our Trainings

By defining the development of the tourism sector in our country by acting with the vision that qualified personnel
will provide quality service, to be a pioneer for those who want to pursue a career in this sector, and to bring new
breaths to the service understanding of our hotels; we take the steps accordingly and organize the training contents accordingly.

Managing all processes in hospitality services in the best way and ensuring the highest level of guest satisfaction; It
will both create a positive result in terms of sector development and will prepare the ground for our country to be ahead of other tourism competitors in the world.

The trainings we provide as Okay Supports cover important issues in terms of dynamics and development of the sector in order to train qualified personnel in the tourism and hotel industry. You can contact us from our contact information or the forms on our website for detailed information about the training contents and subjects.

Educational Subjects

Hotel Department Trainings

Creating Standards

Effective Body Language and Communication

Guest Relations and Complaint Management

Internal Audit

Train the Trainer

Effective Team Work

Guest Satisfaction

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